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0.2.1 (unreleased)


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
167 WHO command for clients Low RESOLVED
179 Multitarget WHOIS Low RESOLVED
181 Size limits (max/min) on parameters Low CONFIRMED
184 Resolve user hostnames Low RESOLVED
218 Allow modes to be set on IRC log channel Low RESOLVED
219 Add core ircops Low RESOLVED
220 +O (oper only) channel mode Low RESOLVED
224 UnrealIRCd-compatible cloaking Low CONFIRMED
228 Bot mode (usermode +B) Low RESOLVED
233 Invisible mode (+i) Low RESOLVED


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
198 NullReferenceException in get_Host() High RESOLVED
199 SocketException in get_Host() Low RESOLVED
226 Andchat can't connect (internal error) Low RESOLVED
227 User modes aren't announced if stackable Low RESOLVED
229 Idle time (WHOIS) given is that of the sender Low RESOLVED
230 SmartIrc4net can't connect Low RESOLVED
235 Banned users can set TOPIC (in -t channels) Low RESOLVED
236 IndexOutOfRangeException on topic set Low RESOLVED
242 TOPIC gets set regardless of errors Low RESOLVED
244 Log % for authorised connections is wrong Low RESOLVED
245 TLS issue with irssi Low RESOLVED
247 Unable to complete registration sometimes Low RESOLVED
248 Current REGEX will match anything containing the host Low CONFIRMED
249 Disconnect loop in SocketBase causes stack overflow Low RESOLVED
250 Client.Resolve() can throw exceptions when a Client disappears Low RESOLVED
251 CheckTimeout() can throw exceptions when trying to disconnect clients which don't exist Low RESOLVED
252 CheckTimeout() potentially continues checking timeout when it shouldn't Low RESOLVED
253 InvalidOperationException with connect Low IN_PROGRESS

0.2.0 (06/08/2017)

The 0.2.x release series sets out to implement a core set of features: channel modes; user modes; configuration; logging. These are al continued in 0.2.0. IRCops will be implemented in a subsequent release in the 0.2.x series.

This release marks an important step towards maturity of the ircd as moderation of a channel becomes possible, together with features such as cloaking - without which it is impractical to operate an IRC network.


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
137 TLS (SSL) for client connections Low RESOLVED
141 Implement chanop (+o) Low RESOLVED
143 Configuration Low RESOLVED
144 Logging Low RESOLVED
149 +z/+Z modes (SSL only channel/Only SSL users currently in channel) Low RESOLVED
150 INVITE command Low RESOLVED
151 Ban mode (+b) Low RESOLVED
152 Topic modes (+t/-t) Low RESOLVED
153 No external messages mode (+n) Low RESOLVED
154 +z user mode Low RESOLVED
155 Voice mode (+v) Low RESOLVED
156 Moderated mode (+m) Low RESOLVED
170 General modes Low RESOLVED
180 Add maxtargets check Low RESOLVED
182 Implement KICK command Low RESOLVED
183 Invite-only mode (+i) Low RESOLVED
186 Simple cloaking Low RESOLVED
193 Provide Stackable boolean for specifying if a MODE be added to the mode stack Low RESOLVED
195 Add LUSERS command Low RESOLVED
197 Grant modes on channel creation Low RESOLVED
209 Usermode base Low RESOLVED
210 Grant user modes on logon Low RESOLVED
221 Note whether a listener is TLS or not in output Low RESOLVED


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
191 Strip channel privileges on part Normal RESOLVED
200 TLS compatibility problem Low RESOLVED
201 Notifico(?) causes IndexOutOfRangeException in PONG Low RESOLVED
203 irssi doesn't recognise op Low RESOLVED
204 Strip : from NICK, JOIN, etc Low RESOLVED
205 NullReferenceException in Topic.GetTopic() Low RESOLVED
208 IndexOutOfRangeException on QUIT Low RESOLVED
211 Can't change to nick with different casing Low RESOLVED
212 Strip colon from USER for different client cases Low RESOLVED
213 Cannot handle some sudden disconnects Low RESOLVED
217 Can't set topic containing a colon Low RESOLVED
222 Android IRC clients can't register High RESOLVED
223 Can't set away message containing a colon Low RESOLVED

0.1.1 (13/07/2017)

This release builds upon 0.1.0's progress towards the (currently very) basic set of features users can expect from an ircd, such as WHOIS and AWAY as well as several bugfixes.


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
159 Implement WHOIS Low RESOLVED
163 AWAY support Low RESOLVED
164 Track idle times Low RESOLVED
166 WHO command for channels Low RESOLVED
168 NAMES support Low RESOLVED


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
158 Server tries to PING disconnected users High RESOLVED
161 Check channel names are valid Low RESOLVED
172 Syntax error on TryGetValue Low RESOLVED
173 Multiple clients joining at exactly the same time can share nicks High RESOLVED
174 Send topic on JOIN Low RESOLVED
175 Properly set a topic to null when it's emptied and send TOPIC to all clients in room Low RESOLVED
176 Can't use LINQ in packet handlers High RESOLVED
177 Send ERR_NOTEXTTOSEND on PRIVMSG, order PRIVMSG errors the correct way Low RESOLVED
178 Destroy channels when they are empty Low RESOLVED

0.1.0 (05/07/2017)

This release is the first release of cmpctircd.NET. It implements a base skeleton of features which would be expected from any ircd.


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
138 TOPIC functionality Low RESOLVED
146 Implement PING/PONG Low RESOLVED
147 PRIVMSG users not in a channel Low RESOLVED
160 Multitarget JOIN Low RESOLVED
196 PING command Low RESOLVED


Full Query
ID Summary Priority Status
139 Ensure users can't have the same NICK Normal RESOLVED
140 Add error handling for all currently implemented commands (pre 0.1.0) Low RESOLVED
142 NICK changes not acknowledged by client Low RESOLVED
157 Nicks can contain invalid characters Low RESOLVED
162 Check with insensitive case for duplicate nicks Low RESOLVED

NOTE: The Bugs section is somewhat meaningless for 0.1.0 because it was the first release of cmpctircd.NET.